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The Launch Pod. The launch Pod is where you (my History Hounds) and I can set off on a Historical adventure.
Fun Pods. I love to get all your jokes and yes even snails like to laugh. I also have a great gallery for all those cool pictures you draw.
Teachers Pod. Teachers zone is full of extra history resources and links to some great pages, that may just help you with your history planning.  
D.I.Y Pods. I can not record all the history myself, so I need your help. Find out how you can make your own History Pod and send it in to share.

Welcome to History Pods

Hi I am ‘Pod’ and this is my on-line shell. I am a time traveling history snail and along with my friends, we have been tasked with recording history but I can not do it alone, I need your help! Will you take on the job as a ‘History Hound’ and help me use imagination and sound, to record our past? You will, great! Let’s go.........

What to do next

Get exploring and have a look round my Shell. Drop into the Fun Pods and share your jokes and pictures. Remember I need your help, I am looking for schools, groups and ‘History Hounds’ to record their own History Pods. I have over 200,000 years to record and I can’t do it by myself, so pop in to D I Y Pods to find out how you can help! Well I need to go and get ready for our next adventure, I’ll see you on the launch Pod.....  
Some of my ‘History Clan’...
Pod recommends his website for 8+ All adventures come in full recordings or in two parts!